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The N & O (August 2004)
Live a Little: 15-year-old band still fresh
Thanks to all of you readers who sent leads for loacl bands to profile after last week’s column about live music. …I caught up with cover band front man, EG Peters while he was taking a break from fighting crime for a retailer. His claim to local music fame is the E.G. Peters Band, made up of four dedicated musicians and a special band member-“Dragg Puff 316”-who raps at their gigs on the club circuit. “We have an added dimension to our group,” said Peters, 39, who started the band in 1989. With him now (and for the past 11 years) are guitarist Jeff Leonard, drummer Whitt Helton and Dave LaCava, who plays keyboards, bass and trumpet. …The group focuses on music that people know and love, from soul, reggae and Top 40 to rock, country and dance….”We try to remain fresh and vibrant so people will keep coming out and stay interested in the group,” Peters said. I think that is why we do it, plus it’s fun. It’s not fun to continue playing the same music for 20 years.”
— Melissa Draper, News and Observer

The Wilson Daily Times
EG’s in town! Let’s go dancing! The EG Peters Band of Raleigh, NC is composed of founder EG Peters, the lead vocalist, who plays guitar and harmonica, as well as David LaCava on keyboards, percussionist Whitt Helton and guitarist Jeff Leonard. Each of there distinctive talents combine wonderfully to produce a great sound that keeps fans returning to their shows again and again. The band keeps busy performing at corporate events, private parties, weddings, and black-tie affairs from Raleigh to the coast – you name it, anywhere people want to have fun, dance and hear a wide variety of great music, you’ll find Peters and his band. With a repertoire that includes rock, reggae, dance,country, funk, soul, and up-to-date tunes you’ll hear on the radio today, there’s no end to their appeal to a diversity of people. The dance floor is always full and the whole crowd has a great time whenever The EG Peters Band is performing!
Excerpts on a great write up on the band from The Wilson Daily Times
by Thea Simpson – Jan. 18, 2003

The band would like to send special thanks to all who contributed to this article and to all who made it possible : Thea Simpson, The Wilson Daily Times, Cranford H., Mr. Bill, Tom Sorbe, Shannon, Saint Gobain crowd, Cafe Arone gang, and all of Wilson who have givin’ us tons of support throughout the years! Thanks Wilson!

The Social Light
E.G. Peters Band. “5 Lucky Charms” Last Friday the house was packed at Margaux’s. E.G. and the boys had everyone dancing. The audience poll gave good praise with a few “awesomes” in there. E.G. plays all the dance hits…yes, and the mandatory songs too, Brick House, Get Down Tonight, was there Mustang Sally (?), probably but I don’t recall. This band is very interactive, fun and pipes out scented dry ice (smoke) onto the dance floor. Was it vanilla or strawberry? The house will rock. Go.
March 12-18, 2003